Audemars Piguet Extra-Thin Jumbo Royal Oak Ref. 15202 Gold Replica Watch Hands-On

Irrespective of whether you’re into all things that glitter, it can not be denied that 2017’s SIHH tendencies were punctuated by heaps of those 79th part in white, yellow, and frosty colors . And nobody needed more to reveal in this camp than Audemars Piguet replica watches, whose Extra-Thin Jumbo Royal Oak (mention 15202) in golden did not really steal the spotlight from that the showstopping Perpetual Calendar in ceramic, but it surely came incredibly close — particularly for people who’ve been after the previous 40 or so years of this Royal Oak.

As we start awaiting 2018’s SIHH novelties, we thought it’s high time to have a better look at a few of the season’s favorites, including the richly over-the-top 15202, left for the very first time as a contemporary, non-limited reference completely from 18-carat yellow gold. It is not merely the all-gold situation that brings the 15202 relevance though — there are a couple additional (albeit more subtle) visual cues that set this specific reference aside, and may make it even more desirable for collectors in the long run. Perhaps most obvious, is that the very simple time plus date-only dial setup, done from the’Audemars Piguet Jumbo replica watches emblem at 6:00, which pays direct homage to the initial steel 5402 published in 1972. This decorative also tips its hat towards the yellowish gold 5402BA Jumbo introduced five decades later — the very first time Audemars Piguet Jumbo prix replica watches left the Jumbo inside this precious metal.

But more notable is that the thickness — the brand new 15202 steps a hair over 8mm, 0.2mm thicker than the first 5402, and the closest we have seen to all those pioneering ultra-thin dimensions as the 40th Anniversary variations from 2012 — thus the’Extra Thin’ naming convention. This new-but-really-old profile, coupled with all the eminently wearable 39mm case size really feels just like the sweet place for your Audemars Piguet Jumbo Royal Oak rectangular imitation watch, also has much to do with why this iconic layout managed to develop into this kind of future-proof timeless in the first location.

The Audemars Piguet Jumbo Royal Oak imitation watches in its classic arrangement is a wristwatch that , with dimensions, if wear exceptionally thin. People who are searching for a marginally more toned-down aesthetic nevertheless rendered within this metal will love the next of those 15202’s two brand new dial variants: a stunning blue, and this, given the spate of blue-on-bronze sports watches we have seen this season, is as much on-trend, since it’s a bit less ostentatious.

Regardless of the svelte profile, however, the golden 15202 is a very hefty watch. This tactile illusion is because, of course to the fact that gold density is almost 3 times that of stainless steel, giving the assertive wrist existence of a far bigger sports view to one which may otherwise slip easily under the cuff of a dress shirt. When you examine the bracelet and case when thinking about the weight of the golden, the slender profile but strong gold appearance gifts a contrasted personality which works well. It is secure, but a contemporary design icon within an old-school substance.

In the dial-side, the appearance and texture of this 15202 is clearly timeless — such as a classic re-issue of this first 5402 in golden. Inside though, defeats another story. It is an ultra-thin automated motion measuring 3.05mm thick, and characterized with a particular 2.75Hz (19,800 vibrations per hour), although marginally lower-than-average alternance is not easily visible as the 15202 does not feature a running moments hand. Contrary to the 5402 that prompted it, the 15202 has a sapphire crystal display caseback, by the cal. 2121’s 21-carat gold strand is observable, as it slides back and forth about the round railing conducting the circumference of this motion — one of those tricks allowing the 2121’s signature thinness.

In general, the 15202 will probably be available in three versions — the gold choices (yellow golden on champagne yellow, or yellowish gold blue) combine the present stainless steel 15202 that was re-introduced back in 2012.